CC is signed with the following labels:

  • Dolma Rec
  • Techno Vinyls Records

  • Cancelled
  • T Sessions

  • Modular Soul

2021 started with a Bang! CC's remix of Sendlak's Kidopult was released on Dirty Stuff Records. At the end of January CC is releasing her EP Dunkelhite on Cancelled  Records with great remixes by Waffensupermarkt. Soon after she released Technoized on Cancelled that  went straight to nr 32 on Beatports Hard Techno 100 chart and stayed there for a few weeks.

In july 2021 her track Nobody's perfect was released on a VA on Dolma Rec. 

2020 was a busy year with collaborations and new EP releases. In December CC released Push, a collaboration with Maxx Rossi on his new label Modular Soul 

In October 2020 her EP Reflection and her remix for MRT2S - Burn The Hype were released on vinyl on Techno Vinyls Records. 

October 2020 CC released  her EP Fearless on Cancelled.

February 2020  CC's EP  Purpose  was  released on T Sessions.

September 2018 her EP Aciid went straight to number 10 on the Traxsource Techno chart.




Transcending, dark & fiery/Techno DJ & Producer.

CC Luna is a Stockholm DJ who has rapidly made a name for herself in the scene as one the city's premier performers. Inspired by old school 90's techno as well as more industrial sounds, CC has mastered the art of getting the crowd moving. She’s also a talented producer and won Producer of the year at the Elly Awards in Stockholm in 2018. After dropping her first vinyl release on Techno Vinyl Records in October 2020 she has since done releases on a range of labels from Dolma Rec to Cancelled by way of Modular Soul and T Sessions, as well as a slew of remixes for various artists and collaborators.

It’s on stage though where CC Luna really comes alive. Her set selection and stage energy come together to make for a unique and exciting experience. She’s delivered this performance on stages across the world everywhere from Ibiza to Berlin by way of London (At Egg LDN) and Protokultura in Gdansk.

She’s performed alongside names like 999999999 , Maxx Rossi, and Dj Deep, Jesper Dahlbäck and Alexi Delano  just to name a few. Outside of performing CC is a resident DJ on Di.Fm with a monthly radio show called Techno Mood on the Underground Techno channel and The Invite on Di.fm. It features music and interviews from CC and her special guests from around the scene.

Recently, CC Luna has seen a whole new level of success. Her latest release Technoizied on Cancelled made it to number 32 on Top 100 Hard techno on Beatport and stayed there for weeks. CC is always in motion and her latest work has a slightly different sound than her recent releases. It's darker and more hypnotic techno with a lot of interesting percussion featuring her own vocals, a rarity in this scene.
She loves to experiment with new sounds which you can tell both in her production and in her live performances, and this experimentation looks like it will only accelerate in the next few years as she seeks to improve her production and delve deeper in the global techno scene. Will you join her quest to play ever bigger stages and share her music with the world?





    • 23rd October Private UG, Sthlm
    • 5-7th November Monday Bar Cruise, Tallin
    • 26th Novemver Demand Sthlm

Previous gigs:


  • 28th August 2021 Trillah Hillah UG, Sthlm 
  • 27th August  2021 Freakscho fetsival , Skåne
  • 31st July 2021 Bronx, Sthlm
  • 03rd July 2021 Bronx, Sthlm
  • 06th June 2021 Technostate UG, Sthlm
  • 03rd September 2020 Private UG

  • 25thSeptember 2020 VERSUS, Sthlm

  • 05th September 2020 BRONX, thlm

  • 28th August 2020 PROTOKULTURA, Poland

  • 14th August 2020 Open Månsken air Sthlm

  • 08th  August 2020 BRONX Open air Sthlm

  • 01st August 2020 TRILLAHILLA Open air Sthlm

  • 18th July 2020 OPEN AIR Sthlm


  • 11th July 2020 LIVE STREAM

  • 02nd July 2020 LIVE STREAM

  • 27th June 2020 OPENAIR Sthlm

  • 26th June 2020 OPEN AIR Sthlm

  • 23rd June 2020 LIVE STREAM

  • 9th June 2020 OPEN AIR Sthlm

  • 13th June 2020 OPEN AIR Sthlm

  • 12th February  2020 OPEN AIR Sthlm

  • 21-22 February 2020 / UG, Sthlm
  • 7th December 2019 / Bronx- Sauna, Sthlm 

  • 9th November 2019/ Bronx - Sauna, Sthlm 

  • 19th Oktober 2019/ Pulse Technohearts, Shlm

  • 6th September 2019/ Technohearts Open air, Sthlm

  • 27th September 2019/ Bronx Sauna, Sthlm

  • 28th  September 2019/ Bronx sauna, Sthlm 

  • 21st August 2019 / House 559 Radio, London 
  • 20th June 2019 / Egg London 

  • 7th June 2019 /B2B Olmo Egg, London
  • 5Th June 2019 / Technohearts Open air, Sthlm 
  • 25th May 2019 / Bronx Sauna, Sthlm
  • 24th May 2019 / technohearts Open air, Sthlm
  • 26th April 2019 / Protokultura, Poland

  • 20th April 2019 / Egg London 

  • 12th April 2019 / Techno Hearts Pulse, Stockholm   

  • 26th October 2018 / Techno Hearts Pulse, Stockholm
  • 27th September 2018 / Ibiza Global Radio, Palma
  • 9th September 2018 / Streetlife Festival, Munich
  • 31st August 2018 / Art of Sound Tent City, Stockholm
  • 16th August 2018 / Open Decks, Barcelona
  • 3rd August 2018 / Tillsammans, Open Air Stockholm
  • 17th June 2018 / Open Decks, Barcelona
  • 8th June 2018 / CC's Release Party, Open Air Stockholm
  • 1st May 2018 / Berlin Festival, Berlin
  • 31st April 2018 / RAVING.FM Boiler Room, Berlin
  • 23rd February 2018 / Art of Sound, Stockholm
  • 9th February 2018 / Minority Influence, U.K
  • 24th November 2017 / EGG, London
  • 11th October 2017 / Club O.D.N LAIKA, Stockholm
  • 20th August 2017 / Club Pure, Ibiza
  • 19th August 2017 / Club Rio, Ibiza
  • 17th August 2017 / Club Joy, Ibiza
  • 20th June 2017 / F12, Stockholm
  • 29th May 2017 / Club O.D. F12, Stockholm
  • 28th April 2017 / B2B with Thomas at Club Mmmmm, Stockholm
  • 17th April 2017 / B2B with Thomas at Laika, Stockholm
  • 30th March 2017 / B2B with Thomas at Club F12, Stockholm
  • 27th March 2017 / Laika, Stockholm
  • 28th February 2017 / Laika, Stockholm
  • 8th February 2017 / Laika, Stockholm
  • 6th February 2017 / Laika, Stockholm
  • 30th January 2017 / B2B with Eddie at Laika, Stockholm
  • 24th November 2016 / B2B with Oliver at Laika, Stockholm
  • 10th November 2016 / B2B with Idalju at Cloudnine, Stockholm